September 18, 2019

Hello World and Hello Fall, 

As always, here's the monthly update on our efforts to reduce waste one item at a time in and around our business. We're still waiting on our order of customer metal filters for our batch brewers, but in the meantime, we've tackled sugar. (By now you should have either a Baby Bash song stuck in your head or a really dirty Trick Daddy song stuck in your head. Either way, I'm with you on that.) 

This one was fairly straight-forward once we got with our distributor. We pulled all the single use packets of sugar behind the counter and put out sugar shakers that we can refill as needed. I'd say the overwhelming vast majority of our customers use sugar at the counter and don't need the packets to take with them, so this eliminates an absolute mountain of paper waste. And mess. (For some reason folks just struggle to get these little paper packets into the waste bin and they just end up on the floor or on the counter making an absolute mess.)

So a small step, but I think an important one. Looking ahead, I'm honestly not sure what else we can tackle. As always, please let me know. We've got a few months left to go here! 

Over and out, 



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