Full service virtual coffee experiences for clients, colleagues, and all coffee lovers

Spark Your Creativity

Signature drink demo

First, we'll work with you to come up with a signature beverage. Next we'll send out a special bundle of coffee ingredients and brewing tools right to your door. Participants can follow along a live how-to demo to create cafe-quality drinks. Catch us on Zoom for help with perfecting your cup!

Seed to Cup

Our ultimate brew guide

The ultimate experience with our seed-to-cup brewing workshop. We'll host a live presentation all about what we know best - coffee while tasting four coffees that highlight the regions, processes, and varietals that make up the true coffee tasting experience.  

Experience Perfection

A live brewing workshop

What better way to energize a day than with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee? Choose your preferred coffee brewer and we'll make sure participants are fully equipped with the perfect methods and know-hows to getting their cup of coffee brewed right, every time.

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