Who We Are

We’re a handful of coffee geeks from all walks of life, a collection of diverse souls brought together over a shared passion for a small green seed with magic locked away inside. 

We are tinkerers. We tinker with ingredients and drinks, with roasts and how different roasts affect different coffees. We tinker with brew methods to consistently deliver great cups of coffee in unique ways. We tinker with our procurement to best reduce waste, even with our spaces and layouts.

And we seek those who want to tinker as well, from coffee producers who grow different varietals and experiment with different fermentation to our bakery partners who toy with all sorts of fruits, vegetables and spices to make tasty treats. 

It’s so cliche to say, but we are just one part of a huge chain of relationships spanning continents - relationships near and dear to our hearts: relationships with our coffee producers who know we’re going to pay them fairly, year after year, for their greens; relationships with other small, local, quality- focused businesses we get amazing products from while supporting the local economy; relationships with the cafes, restaurants and offices that brew and serve our coffee, showing our beans the same love we have; and relationships with our patrons, the folks who make this all possible, who value what we do and to whom we are forever grateful.