Commitment to Reducing Waste

In 2018, we were inspired by the efforts of Design by Freedom, a company dedicated to eliminating trash, to take a long hard look at our own practices and identify where we could reduce waste internally. We took a company-wide New Year's Resolution to find one piece of single-use waste each month and replace it with something reusable. Follow our progress on our blog and please let us know if you have any ideas for us! 

We also have a variety of discounts and programs for customers who want to take the plunge with us:

- Bean Refill program - bring in any refillable coffee canister (we sell the Airscape ones) and we'll fill it up with a pound of coffee beans for a dollar off the price of a 12oz bag. 

- Bring in your own mug and get $.15 off your drink. Bring in a Demitasse mug and get $.25 off. 

- Bring in a Freedom Sleeve and not only will you get $.25 off.