Commitment to Local

As a small, local business that is also looking to be the small local coffee supplier for other small businesses around town, we strongly believe in and try to support other small, local business. Where possible, we partner up and source everything we can locally, from our baked goods to our honey. The proof is in the pudding and we put our money where our mouth is, so here's a list and we continue to add to it every day. 

Sugarbloom Bakery - the best bakery we've ever worked with. 

Opera Pastry - those almond bites we're all addicted to.

Mylk Labs - amazing oatmeal. 

Fermensch Kombucha- the tastiest kombucha we've tried in years. Refreshing without being...overpowering.

Droplet- self care in every sip. Plus it tastes amazing.

Eli's Bee Company - local honey from the Santa Monica mountains. And also we get honey from a random guy named Bruce who gets honey from people's yards.

And even more than what's listed here....