October 15, 2019

Hello to anyone who stumbles across this blog! 

As promised, we will continue to update you on our efforts to eliminate waste in our business. This was actually the theme of my Brewer's Cup performance a few weekends ago, but I didn't place so I'm guessing the judges weren't all that impressed by it. :(

But anyhow, we have a couple months left here and we're really running out of ideas. This month we're going to roll out the pop-up iPads in our other two cafes after successfully testing it in our Santa Monica cafes. This means no printed tickets when orders are put in. So aside from eliminating paper waste, it should also make our orders more efficient with less mistakes. Not that we ever make any, right? ;) It's a small step, but one that over a long timeline makes a big impact. If no one ever wanted their receipt printed, we'd pretty much eliminate the need for a printer at the point of sale. 

Looking back at last month, the sugar shakers have for the most part been a success. We get a few people who seem to have an issue with how to use a sugar shaker and/or how much sugar to use (the packet was a useful measure). But I think for the most part it's been smooth sailing for us. 

Looking ahead, we're looking at perhaps apply waste elimination from a different angle - wasting power. We've looked into switching all our lightbulbs for energy efficient ones. We're also going to start applying for our Green Business Certifications (starting in Santa Monica, then LA) so we'll be going down that path soon. 

As always, any ideas and feedback is welcome. And as always, thanks for reading.