August 21, 2019

Hello Empty Void of the Internet, 

As promised, our monthly update on our efforts to eliminate waste from our cafes/roastery/business in general. 

As the 3 of you who read the previous entries will note, we've been frustrated with the lack of a reusable filter for batch brew coffee brewers. Honestly, you'd think Curtis/Bunn/Fetco would have figure this one out by now and offered it as an up-sell when you buy the machine. Am I the only one who sees this as a missed opportunity for them? 

Anyhow, we found a random company out in Utah ( that makes custom metal filters. They are not cheap. At all. I'm not even sure how many filters we'd need to go through for this to make any sort of financial sense (but if we had any financial sense, we'd probably be in a much better situation than we are currently in and/or never opened up coffee shops, but I digress). Anyhow, the important thing is that they work and the cup quality was fantastic. So we just ordered a bunch of these for the shops (apparently it takes a month) so keep an eye out for them in a month or so. Well, we have the one prototype floating around out there so your next coffee at our shop might be through a reusable metal filter. 

We're also happy to report that the feedback from customers (thus far) regarding the ceramic brewers has been super positive. We rolled the Walkures out at every cafe and even put an order in for them in bulk from Germany, so expect them on our shelves very soon. 

I'm honestly not sure what comes next. I've stared long and hard at sugar and tickets, so maybe that? I want to get these filters in and roll this out first, but sugar packets might be the next to go. 

Thanks for reading,