Colombia La Palma y El Tucan Bio-Innovation

This is a fantastic coffee from Colombia. Grown by Deiro Gasca, a coffee producer for 35 years, at his farm in Timana that sits at 1850 masl. This lot of coffee is a micro-lot of the Castillo varietal and processed by an experimental method called "Bio-Innovation." This washed method starts out with 100-hour limited oxygen fermentation with the addition of a unique substrate that contains parts of each lot harvested. After the 100 hour fermentation, the coffee is depulped and washed like traditional washed coffees.

This very approachable washed coffee is sweet and clean with some stone fruit notes.

The prominent flavors remind us of honey, marmalade, peach and almond.  It's not very acidic or bitter, but has enough structure to keep your interest.  It has a light texture and a clean finish.  It's just a really nice coffee!
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