Milky Way Espresso Blend

Our mainstay espresso blend that hits that Goldilocks zone of coffee - not too bitter, not too sour, but just right. Smooth, syrupy and sweet.

The 2021 version is a 3 bean blend:

70% Nicaragua Limoncillo - a washed coffee, red catuai varietal grown by the Mierisch family, who have been growing coffee since the early 1900's. This was a very sweet coffee, red apples, almonds, sugar cookies. As an espresso base, it rocked our world. Brings both buttery mouthfeel along with sugar cookie sweetness.

20% El Salvador Finca Argentina - a washed coffee from the first farm we ever visited. Portillo varietal. Another very solid, washed coffee. Brings in that dark chocolate note we crave in a shot of espresso.

10% Tanzania Nglia Estate - a washed coffee, Bourbon and Kent varietals. We loved this coffee so much we had to set some aside for our espresso blend. This adds a kumquat acidity and a lot of the fruit we like to balance out the chocolate in an espresso blend.