Airscape Canisters

The fun metal colors? Yes please. And we'll throw in a Demi sticker in there to slap on there if you so please.

Our Airscape Canisters are not amazing just because they are air-tight canisters designed to store your coffee beans in as ideal of an environment as possible (i.e. without light or air).

Airscape® technology features a patented plunger lid designed to fit snugly against the inside of the canisters. As the Airscape® lid is pressed down, the oxygen is forced out through a two-way valve. Once the plunger is directly above the contents, flip the handle down to prevent further oxygen exchange & dramatically increase the shelf life of your stored goods.

They're amazing because if you buy one of these, bring it in to any of our shops and we'll fill it up with a POUND of coffee for a dollar off of what a 12 oz bag costs. This is part of a variety of items and initiatives we're pushing to reduce waste. Read about it on our blog!


Holds approx. 1 lb (500 g) of whole bean coffee [dimensions 5"w x 7"h].



Matte Red Rock
Matte Turquoise
Matte White