April 17, 2020

Hello world, 

Today on the 'gram, we did a home version of a classic Demi seasonal latte - the pistachio rose latte. In the cafes, we would make a pistachio paste (pistachios, honey, splash of cardamom, toss in a vitamix), then pull a shot into that and cut it with steamed milk. But most people don't have a vitamix, never mind an espresso machine, so we came up with a do-it-at-home version that honestly I think tastes better than what we put out in the cafes. There are two ways to skin this cat. One really amps the coffee, the other is more mellow.

Either way, you need to make pistachio milk first. We used this recipe from Whole Foods. Simple, easy. Good to go. 

The second thing you'll need is honey-rose-syrup:

Use 40g of honey and add 20g of rose water and 1g of cardamom powder to it. 

Add 20g of boiling water and stir. Scale this up as needed. 

Method 1: Fake It

Take 4 or 5oz of pistachio milk and heat it up in a microwave or stove-top. 

Meanwhile, in a separate cup, pull a fake espresso using an Aeropress (see blog here for details AND how we do on YouTube). Add 1 or 2 oz of the honey/rose syrup and stir. 

Add the pistachio milk to this and you're good to go! (if you don't know how sweet you want it, you can add the syrup after the fact, too). 

Method 2: Cold Brew

Take 50g of coarsely ground coffee and toss it is with 400g of pistachio milk. Let it steep overnight. Make sure you check on this a couple times and mix it up as the coffee and milk will separate. 

Strain and then add the syrup to this. 

This is definitely the richer version of the two. The coffee really comes through here and I honestly was surprised because I didn't think the pistachio milk was really going to absorb the coffee as much as it did. For my money, this was the tastier of the two, but only if you want the coffee flavor to really be the king. If you want coffee-flavored pistachio milk, go with the first method. 

Please tag us if you make this at home! 

- B