Espro Bloom Pourover

In a world of pourover options, it's hard to find anything unique and innovative that isn't gimmicky. Espro really knocked it out of the park with this design. We love it because you don't have to use a paper filter with it to get a decent cup - the microfilter on the bottom does a great job. And you know we love anything that reduces waste. But if you want to use a filter, their filters are fantastic, too.  

We also love the deep well which makes pouring easier and more forgiving.


  • Patented microfilter has a spiral pattern and 1502 precision cut holes
  • Comes with starter pack of 10 Bloom Pour Over Paper Filters
  • Stainless steel brewer comes with silicone sleeve so that your coffee stays hot and your hands stay cool
  • Makes 1-2 cups of coffee
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