Feel like exploring your coffee taste buds? The Aeropress makes controlling brewing parameters simple. Adjust brew time, grindsize and amounts of water to coffee. (Some even claim they can make espresso with an aeropress) Or stick with the basics, this product does it all. Enjoy a perfectly extracted clean cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness.

The Aeropress delivers a fantastic -one cup at a time- coffee and it's easy to use. It's a similar concept to the French Press but delivers the smooth clean flavor of a coffee that has been filtered evenly (using air pressure instead of a screen)! Uniform extraction is this brewing method's secret. It's a great product for the coffee connoisseur on the go as it comes apart and packs easily into a suitcase. Aeropress now makes all of its parts from BPA free polypropylene for durability. The filters are tiny and produce less paper waste.

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