April 07, 2020

Hello world, 

We got a request in from a viewer asking us to do some matcha and hojicha drinks. I'm guessing she just wanted a basic latte. Well, we ain't basic 'round here. We made three drinks, 1 matcha, 2 hojicha, but honestly these things are pretty interchangeable. Hojicha is simply roasted matcha, so it has a similar flavor, but just darker and more roasted. Which I always prefer. 

#1: Matcha Latte @ Home

Heat up 6oz of milk. Microwave, stove-top, whatever you have. 

Grab a shaker of some sort. This worked really well with a protein shaker to get the milk frothy. 

Drop in 2 tsp of matcha powder and 2oz of lemon syrup (we made this a few "episodes" ago.

Add the warmed-up milk. Shake until frothy. Dust with some fennel powder. 

These aren't hard and fast rule, btw. If you want it sweeter, add more syrup. Less grassy? Use less matcha. Any milk will work, too.

(The point of all these quarantine drinks is to use what you have on hand. I had lemon syrup from a few demos ago, so I used that.)

#2: PB n' H Latte

Grab a mug. 

Add 3 tsp of hojicha powder, 3 tsp of sugar (we like demerara for this, but use what you have), and 1 tsp of peanut butter powder. 

Then grab your aeropress and make an "espresso." (we covered this a few "episodes" ago, too. See a theme here?) Use a bit more water than usual, just to punch this drink up. I used the method with the Fellow attachment, so instead of 50g of water, I took it up to 65g of water. 

Press the shot and add that to the hojicha/sugar/PB mix and whisky until everything is dissolved and mixed up. Add your milk of choice and drop some ice in there. 

#3: Hojicha Gold Rush

Take 2 tsp of hojicha and whisk with 1oz of hot water. 
Pour it over ice in a shaker. 
Drop in 2oz of whisky (or brandy or amaretto...)
Add 1 oz of lemon juice 
Add 1 oz of honey syrup
Strain over ice. 
As always, if you make any of these, please email us/tag us. We love seeing this.