March 27, 2020


Here are 3 recipes we came up for amaretto-based coffee/tea drinks. Why amaretto? 

1. It's delicious. 

2. It's thick enough and sweet enough to work well with coffee. 

3. I made a batch of homemade amaretto and that's basically all I had in this lockdown to work with. Here the recipe if you have a lot of time and want a fun project to do while quarantined!

Drink 1: Amaretto Minty Cubano

This one's a play on our Iced Minty Cubano. See our previous blog post on how to make the milk cold brew and the minty syrup. Then take 1oz of amaretto, 4 oz of milk cold brew, 1oz of mint syrup and mix them all up. Pour over ice. Garnish with mint. 

Drink 2: Amaretto London Fog 

You'll need to make some lemon syrup:

- Zest 2 lemons. 

- Pour 150g of boiling water over it. Steep for 5 minutes. 

- Strain over 75g of sugar (we always like demerara, but use whatever you have.)

- Then, take 4g of black tea (assam works nicely), add 150g of boiling water to it, and steep for 3 minutes. Get it nice and strong. Strain out the tea.

- Add 2oz of evaporated milk (or just whole milk, or half n half. Whatever you have). (If you can warm up the milk, even better) 

- Add 1oz lemon syrup

- Add 1oz amaretto. 

- Mix it all up real well and then garnish with some cinnamon. This is great on a cold day. 

Bonus Points - try making this with chai instead of black tea and coconut cream instead of milk. I didn't have either of these on hand, but if you do, please do this for me and tell me how it is! 

Drink 3: Modified Brandy Alexander

- Make a strong cup of coffee (for this, try an aeropress). Strong as in, less than half the water you'd normally use. (For example, we normally use 25g of coffee to 350g of water, but for this recipe, we're using 150g of water to 25g of coffee).

Dump all of this into an ice shaker and then add:

- 1oz brandy

- 1/2oz amaretto

- 1 oz cream or half n half. 

- a good amount of ice. 

- SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Like 30 seconds of shaking. 

- Double strain into a chilled stem glass (if you have it) with no ice.

- Nutmeg or cardamom on top to garnish. 




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