Uganda Bulaago


Background Info:

Getting this coffee from Uganda is a treat we look forward to every year. From high up on Mt. Elgon (possibly the oldest extinct volcano in Africa), this coffee comes to us from a community of farmers that has consistently produced amazing coffee year after year. With the help of our friends over at Crop to Cup, this group of farmers formed a formal association to help with improving their crop and mitigating their risks. The 140 odd farmers who make up  Bulaago Coffee Farmers Association continues to impress with this crop of SL 14 and 28 varieties that were hand-pulped and semi-washed.

One thing to note about coffee farming in Uganda – perhaps more than other coffee communities, the Mt. Elgon region is being hit hard by global warming and threatens the very existence of many of the coffee farmers there. NPR recently ran an amazing piece of the struggles of these farmers and the risks they face as the temperatures rise.

In this coffee, we taste molasses, red grapes and orange.

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