Bruer Cold Drip



Make your own cold brew coffee with its signature low acidity and natural sweetness. The Bruer’s cold brew is one of the cleanest cups of coffee you will ever taste because the coffee grounds aren’t submerged in water, instead water drips slowly through the grounds decreasing the likelihood that your coffee will be overextracted. Slow brewing brings out some incredible flavors. The Cold Bruer mimics the process of the Kyoto Dripper. The valve is adjustable so you can play around with brew time, it’s made of borosilicate glass which makes it easy to clean and less likely to stain, it has silicone edges to protect from chipping. Make up to four cups of delicious cold brew for yourself and friends and feel proud, you are becoming an incredible home barista.

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How much do you love cold brew? Enough to brew at home?

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