Walkure Pourover Cup Filter

We recently switched all of our in-house manually coffee brewing to these ceramic brewers. We love them as they don't create any paper waste and yet somehow deliver an incredibly clean cup of coffee while allowing some of the oils to get through to give your coffee some body. Also, they're gorgeous and incredibly well made. Gotta love that German engineering, even when it comes to coffee brewing.

A full self-contained pour-over setup, you don't need anything special with this. The top portion has a distribution cap that will make sure the water gets distributed evenly over the coffee. The double-layered ceramic filter suspends the coffee above, keeping fines and grinds out of your cup. This one is the "cup" version, so you place it on top of a cup like a traditional pour over and pour away. We also have the version with the built-in carafe is you want the whole nine yards in one.