Trufala Blend

The Trufala blend is our seasonal espresso blend wherein we'll blend two coffees from the same origin to give the coffee some depth of flavor. It's our take on a "single origin espresso," a way of giving the espresso some depth of flavor while retaining the bits of origin that make it special.

Of our espresso blends, this one is optimized to be used in smaller milk drinks as it is a brighter, lighter and more delicate espresso that might not be great in lots of milks and syrups. 

This latest iteration of the Truffala is a blend of two exceptional Ethiopian coffees, one washed and one natural, to give this blend some unique characteristics you may have missed if you had to just pick one. 75% of this mix is a washed coffee from Bera Gudina Cooperative, a coffee from Agaro region.

The other 25% a natural from Banko Michicha, a washing station in Guji that really shines on the table.

We get loads of fruit - think tamarind, plums and nances, with an undercurrent of sweet milk chocolate.