Sumatra Super Queen Ketiara

From the Gayo Highlands in Aceh, this tasty Sumatra is grown by a woman-led cooperative called Ketiara with over 25 years of experience in growing coffee. The coffee is grown near the Leusur National Park and the coop takes pains to help the local ecosystem out by employing shade-growing coffee practices.

This Wet-Hulled lot is made up of ripe red cherries, picked during the early morning hours. They are pulped in the late afternoon then fermented for 8-24 hours. The cherries are then washed and sun-dried down to 40% humidity. Then they are hulled and sun-dried to below 13% humidity. They make their way through several sorting processes: first through a density machine, then a double, and triple hand-picking, a second density sort, followed by destoning, blending, and final sort before being bagged in GrainPro.

We taste caramel, milk chocolate, rooibos tea, golden raisins and a hint of spice in this cozy coffee.


(the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra.)