Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Our first Ethiopia of the year is a sparkling washed coffee from Guji's Uraga region - a dense, mountainous forest, from which some of the most sought-after coffees in the world are grown.

This coffee comes to us from Dagne Chomen who ran QC for the Oromia Union for years. He opened up his own washing station - Welichu Wachu - collecting incredible coffees from all over Uraga. The coffee grown around there is classified as forest, semi-forest or garden grown.

This washed coffee is of Ethiopia Landraces variety (a Bourbon varietal), grown at 2160 MASL and dried on raised beds.

We taste citrus and milk tea with a honey sweetness in this delightful cup.

 (the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is of Fasil Ghebbi)