Costa Rica La Minita Geisha

One of our favorite origins. One of our favorite varietals. Costa Rica. Geisha.

This coffee comes from Finca El Melico, which is a 23-hectare portion of the La Minita Estate located to the east of the main farm. At 1850 meters above sea level, El Melico is the highest-elevation lot on the farm, and has been chosen for planting a number of experimental varieties due to its favorable elevation and climate characteristics. This year, we produced just 2000lbs of the sought-after Geisha variety, which was then processed at our mill, Beneficio Rio Tarrazu. This is a washed-process coffee, which underwent full fermentation (no mechanical demucilaging), washing, and sun-drying on raised beds.

This is a light sweet coffee with a lot of floral notes and a little hit of bright citrus.

Sweetness and floral are prominent.  We taste honey bergamot, caramel, date, sweet mango and yellow plum.  Once it cools a little there is a crisp lemon acidity that gets more pronounced as it cools balancing the sweetness.  It has a silky texture and a clean finish.