Organic Ceremonial Matcha

A notch above your regular matcha, the Ceremonical Grade Matcha is made from the most tender young tea leaves that have been shade grown. It possesses a smoother and more savory flavor and a sweeter aroma than the Daily Matcha. Organic Ceremonial Matcha is suitable for serving in Japanese tea ceremony, welcoming esteemed guests, or indulging in the finest of green teas during times of relaxation

Sourced from our favorite green tea gurus, Sugimoto Tea. Their farmlands around Sugimoto Secha, have been recognized by the UN as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. Sugimoto's leading farmer has received the prestigious Prime Minister Award for the superior quality of his teas.

Matcha is a powdered tencha historically used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Tencha is a minimally-processed, fluffy leaf tea produced specifically to make fresh matcha.

Technical details:

    • Organic Ceremonial Matcha
    • Net Weight: 1oz (29g)
    • Package: Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in foil bag in reusable tin