Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Demi Icon Mugs

From one of our favorite companies, St. Anthony Industries, comes a mug made from some truly space-age material. This mug is virtually indestructible, insanely lightweight and thin and yet insulates everything. Honestly we've never encountered anything like it in the 10 years we've been sourcing mugs and cups. 

Inspired by the use of ultra-lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, M² Labs has employed new technology to bond a feather-light, inert ceramic to a nearly unbreakable ultra insulative structure, resulting in the patent-pending, Ceramic Clad Thermal Protection System.

S.A.I. has partnered with M² Labs to integrate this technology into a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink wares.

Hyper Pure Ceramics is the new standard of pure thermal performance.