Our new subscription box aims to bridge the gap between the cafe, office coffee and the reality of working from home. If you’re working from home, why not have better gear, better coffee and better coffee drinks? How about better snacks and better help with your coffee needs? (Pro tip - if it’s for home office use, you might as well expense it or get your boss to pay for it.)

One Per Month Subscription

Twice Per Month Subscription

What's Included

Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee

Your choice of one or two pounds.

Signature Coffee Ingredients

Each month you’ll receive ingredients + members only access to our how-to-videos.

Specialty Snack

A snack that pairs nicely with the drink we're making.

Quart of Milk

Receive an optional quart of milk.

*Your order will be shipped on the 1st and 3rd week of each month

Exclusive Perks For Subscribers

25% off our site (gear up!)

25% off anything in our cafes (because sometimes we need to leave our homes, right?)

One on one home brewing consulting (we’ll schedule a Zoom call and help you with anything coffee-related, from picking gear to brew tips, to dial-in suggestions. It’s like having an on-demand barista at your fingertips.)

Ability to reserve a table at our cafes for meetings. (Because sometimes Zoom doesn’t cut it.)