Hello Our Coffee Loving Friends!

We hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!! Of all the things we’re grateful for this year, our patrons are at the top of the list. You allow us to do what we love and for that we are incredibly thankful. So thank you. We have an amazing popup coming up and two unique and incredible coffees we wanted to offer you before we offer it to anyone else:

Sugarbear Bakes Popup
The incredible Stephanie Chen will be taking over our Santa Monica cafe’s pastry case this Saturday, December 2nd, at 7am till she runs out of baked goodies for you. She’ll be serving handpies and her famous pavlovas topped with fresh whipped cream and fruit. 

Costa Rica Microlot Presale
We’ve got two amazing coffees for you from our most recent trip to Costa Rica. These two coffees absolutely crushed the cupping table. A geisha from the famous El Centro farm and a really unique SL 28 from a different farm but by the same producer. We only managed to snag a tiny bit of each of these rare coffees, so if you want a bag, snag them asap. We’ll be opening it up to the public in about a week, so get on it while you can!