Slow Stir Jams

Our favorite local jam-maker! As committed to quality and local producers as we are, we love their jams for both being familiar but also adventurous in flavors. Super tasty without being super sweet. We have three of their jams on our site, but more in our shops!

From their site:

Slow Stir Foods preserves are jam packed with 70-80% fruit that are certified organic or sustainably grown, meaning they have been grown without chemical pesticides nor coated in waxes. Seasonal produce is mostly sourced from SoCal farmers, making our preserves a very fresh, naturally flavorful and wholesome choice. Additionally, our preserves are made with far less sugar than traditional and mass produced products so the results are beautifully soft set, preserved fruit condiments that spread and mix easily across dishes and recipes. Always made using certified organic cane sugar and certified organic or all natural herbs, spices, extracts and kosher sea salt where indicated.

Flavors and details:

Blackberry Mint Preserve:

sustainably grown blackberries, organic cane
sugar, organic lemon, all natural mint, kosher
sea salt

Figgy Preserve:

sustainably grown black mission figs, organic
cane sugar, organic lemons, kosher sea salt

PlummXO Preserve:

sustainably grown Santa Rosa plums, organic
cane sugar, organic lemon, kosher sea salt