Sumatra Gayo "Wine Process"

This is a wild one. 

This coffee was grown in the Sintep and Kenawat sub-districts of the Aceh province of Sumatra. The districts border a small inland lake in Central Aceh, receiving humid conditions typical for the Indonesian country. Coffee here is grown at elevations ranging 1500–1600 meters above sea level in rich black humus soil.

This coffee underwent Anaerobic Natural processing referred to as “Wine Process” for the strong wine-like aromas and flavors produced by the processing method. Freshly harvested cherries are washed to remove any debris left over from the harvest before being sealed into airtight containers. The cherries are fermented in this anaerobic environment for 25 days before being rinsed with water and moved to the drying area. 

This is a wild process driven coffee.  Because of the process the coffee appears much darker in color even though it is not roasted any further than our other coffee. The acidity reminds us of a white or natural wine.  We taste passion fruit, lemon, tart cherry, plum, hibiscus, honey with layered citrus zest notes.  There are a ton of tart and juicy fruit notes.  This finish is slightly dry like black tea and grapefruit zest.  This is a very complex coffee!
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