Ethiopia Wush Wush

The first washed Ethiopian we've loved in a while, this coffee hits all the right notes for us.

Produced by Dinkalem Ademe in Keffa (the village is Wush Wush...what a great name!), the farms feeding this station are over 1900 MASL! The greens, all Ethiopian Heirloom varietals, are then pulped and washed using the water from the demucilager for up to 8 hours under shade. They use this water to help reduce water waste in an otherwise dry country.

Dinkalem is proud to produce mostly very high-end coffee. His washing station in Wush Wush is 6 years old this season and sits on two hectares, with long drying beds stretching to the far reaches of the property, which is bordered by the glorious forests so characteristic of Kaffa. Approximately 2500 smallholder farmers bring their cherries to the washing station, where coffees are accepted or rejected based on quality and then sorted by hand before pulping.

This love for detail is evident in the cup. An extremely clean and floral cup of coffee, we get a hit of apricot, black tea and honey.

Oh and if amazingly tasty coffee wasn't enough of an incentive, for the month of November, all profits from the sale of this coffee are going to SELAH Neighborhood Coalition to help the homeless - arguably the most pressing issue in LA right now.


(the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is of Fasil Ghebbi)