Colombia El Diviso Caturro Chiroso Anaerobic Natural

This is a very unique coffee on a number of fronts. 

Nestor Lasso is a third generation farmer who took over the family farm in Pitalito (Huila) and refocused their operations around creating micro-lots and improving processes. The proof is in the pudding - his coffees have been used in competitions around the world. 

This particular lot is of the Caturra Chiroso varietal which is an Ethiopian Landrace varietal. But grown in Colombia at 1800 MASL! 

Once the ripe cherries are picked, they are processed "anaerobic naturally." The cherries are placed in sealed cans for 80 hours at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with a specific yeast used in the beer industry to strengthen beer profiles. 

This is a very complex and wild coffee from Nestor Lasso.  The anaerobic natural process and the Chiroso Variety are very noticeable in the cup.  It is acidic, tropical and layered with tons of tart red fruit notes.

Raspberry, hibiscus, dried cranberry, tart cherry and red grape notes are what I notice first. The acidity is somewhere between raspberry, cranberry and passion fruit.  There is a wine-like quality to it.  I find hints of lemon, bergamot, honey and dark chocolate.  The texture is silky with a pleasant dry finish.

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