Kenya Kiandu

We're loving this new lot from Kenya. Produced by around 1500 smallholder farmers, all members of the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) delivering to Kiandu Coffee Factory (as washing stations/wet mills are called in Kenya), this delicious coffee was grown between 1700-1900 MASL.

The FCS’s motto is Urumwe, Utheri na Utonga (Unity, Transparency and Wealth), and the group’s purpose is to cooperate in order to alleviate poverty amongst the members of the organization. The group’s factories are well-known for producing high quality coffee and have, in fact, won several Kenyan coffee awards for lots they have produced.

The cherries are hand picked and meticulously sorted, resulting in this coffee's extremely clean cup. Varietals are SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian and the coffee is CARES practices certified ensuring a degree of social and environmental care and concern.

We get a gummy bear sweetness (we love this in a Kenyan!), jasmine on the nose, green grapes and dried fruit in the cup.


(the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is Mount Kenya)