Guatemala Finca Idolia Natural

Honestly we've been looking forward to this coffee since we cupped it in Guatemala. 

Coming to us from our good friend Nando Diaz, this fantastic natural is a blend of bourbon, catuai and caturra coffees, grown at 1800 masl. His farms are in Santa Rosa, nestled between the Tecuamburro and Pacaya volcanoes, covered in beautiful shade trees adjacent to rainforests. Here's a great video on the family and their farms whose coffees have won several awards. 

Coffee has been in Nando's blood since the 18th century, when his family began coffee farming. Nando has taken the baton and moved his farms into specialty, with a focus on quality and tons of experimentation, including with processing. Hence this delicious natural. 

This coffee is super smooth with a creamy milk chocolate sweetness that mellows out the citrus notes in the cup.