Ethiopia Tero

This coffee rocked our world.

An incredibly floral and clean cup from the Guji region of Ethiopia, this certified organic, washed coffee was grown at 1800-2100 MASL at the Tero Farm in the Odo Shakiso district. 

Aside from how incredibly tasty this coffee is, we were impressed b the producers of the coffee, Dimtu Coffee Industry. It's common to find producers in Ethiopia who talk about sustainability and traceability. It's pretty rare when they back it up with action. They partner with the local coffee farming communities in and around their farm and help them get better pricing for their coffees vs. selling them to the local market at super-low prices. They have integrated 136 small scale farmers thus far for a total of 989 hectares. They provide them with coffee seedlings, training and help promote the coffee in the district. They also help with inspections and certifications. 

Through this help, they are able to keep a close eye on the coffee and ensure traceability. They also crush it on CERES's C.A.F.E. Practices, a private standard used to measure the social, financial and environmental practices. (Read more about this here.) Dimtu scored a whopping 104%, getting extra credit points. 

In this great coffee grown by great people, we taste jasmine throughout, grape sweetness and acidity in a super-clean cup.