Ethiopia Guji Haru Welabu Bire Forest

The first Ethiopian natural of this season and boy is it a star. It comes from the famous Uraga Woreda region in Guji, one of the very few sites where coffee is grown above 2000 MASL.

Similar to other Guji Coffee Growing Districts farmers in Uraga, they grow their coffee in a complex agroforestry system with legume trees (like millettia ferrugnea, albzia spp) as main canopy trees. Red cherries are collected and placed on raised drying beds to get dried by the sun in an open space.

A sweet and floral coffee with notes of honey and bergamot.  We get purple fruit with notes of blueberry, dark plum, and dried berry, and a peach like stone fruit layer that becomes more jam-like as it cools. 


(the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is of Fasil Ghebbi)

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