El Salvador Finca Divina Providencia Bourbon Combo Pack

This is one of a pair of coffees from one of our favorite producers - the Silvas of Sicafe fame. The other coffee is this exact same coffee, but processed as a natural as opposed to washed. (here's a quick primer on the difference) We're offering this coffee washed, natural AND as a combo (buy both for $15/bag) if you want to geek out with us.

We try to visit the awesome people at Sicafe every year and every year we're always impressed by them. This farm, Divina Providencia has been in Rafael's family for a very long time, passed down through several generations on his mother's side. This farm was one of Rafael’s mother’s babies. She took an immense care for this
property and thought it should stay in the family for generations to come. As Rafael
tells us, his mother, Eve Thelma Hoff, would walk through this farm every afternoon
when she was in Apaneca.

Growing coffee at 1450masl Apaneca, this farm has both a unique micro-climate (covered in dense fog every night) and nutrient-rich soils (clay loam) that makes growing high quality coffee an easy task. They grow 100% Bourbon on this farm.

(the illustration is part of a series by Patrick Hruby highlighting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the countries of origin from which we buy coffee. This is of Joya de Ceren.)