Colombia Finca Alto Bonito

An incredible delicious Colombian coffee from Tolima from a great producer on a tiny farm. Eduin Hernandez is farming on all of 1.5 hectares in one of the poorest areas of Colombia. Despite lacking a fermentation tank, he's making the most of his situation by experimenting and honing optimal protocols for honey and natural processing. The cup is very sweet as a result, but not too fermented or stew-y. 

Grown at 1800MASL, the coffee, of Caturra, Yellow Caturra and Castillo varieties, is a blend of processes - 73% red honey and 27% natural. This is the first coffee that we know of that blends processes to get a really unique cup. We get notes of pecans, cinnamon and apples in the coffee. 

The farmgate price for this coffee was $1.95/lb.