Bolivia Caravani Illimani

An amazing coffee from Bolivia's famous Caravani region!

Illimani is a community of approximately 65 families in the province of Caranavi, the largest coffee producing region in Bolivia.Over the past 15 years, coffee has become a big part of Caranavi's identity and culture. The main structure in the town square reads “Province of Caranavi: Bolivian Coffee Capital,” and there are coffee shops everywhere. There are also frequent coffee events and competitions. People are proud of being coffee farmers and they are very competitive about who has the best coffee. A new, younger generation is getting involved, and the outlook for Bolivian coffee production is promising. Some older producers have handed their farms over to the next generation, and many producers are in their 30’s and early 40s.

This is a washed coffee of theCatuai and Typica varieties. Grown at around 1700 MASL and dried on raised beds.

This is an easy drinking coffee, sweet and pleasant, milk chocolate forward. Honey, milk chocolate cashew and golden raisin are what I notice first with this coffee.  As it cools it builds in complexity with hints of dried stone fruit and soft citrus. 

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