Black Hole Blend

Demitasse takes a trip to the dark side. Well, as dark as we go. For those of you who have been looking for a comforting, rich and smooth cup of joe, we've got you covered with our newest blend. 

This blend uses the same incredible coffees in our Milky Way blend, but we make 16% of the beans a killer coffee from Sumatra to add that robust mouthfeel with some dark chocolate and earthy notes. The Sumatra in there right now is:

Sumatra Arul Badak:

Grown at 1500 MASL, produced by 300 smallholder farmers, this Tim Tim variety has everything you want in a Sumatran coffee minus the dirty flavors often found in them.Processed traditionally as a wet-hulled coffee, means that this lot had the cherry skin removed and was sun-dried to 25-35% moisture content before hulling. During the hulling, the coffee’s parchment is removed from the seed, and then the lot finishes sun-drying.

Exceptional clean for an Indonesian coffee, we taste cedar, brown sugar, honey and black tea in this coffee.