Kalita Bundle

This is the bundle we put together for someone who wants an amazing, manual brewing situation at home. Everything on this list we've battle tested in our cafes and can speak to both it's quality and durability:

- Glass Kalita Wave & filters - our favorite pourover method, it's a bit easier and more forgiving than a cone pourover (see this article on the science behind it). 

- Stagg Kettle - by far our favorite kettle for pouring. The spout is great. It has a thermometer built in, and can take the heat of a stove-top.

- Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale - without a doubt the best coffee scale on the market. Water-resistant. Insanely accurate. Connects to your phone via bluetooth. And drop-dead gorgeous. 

Brewista Glass Server - we love brewing into this. It's wide and low for stability, easy to pour out of and made of durable, borosilicate glass. 

- Plum-bottom snifter - our favorite vessel. The double-walled glass keeps your coffee warm without burning your hands. The shape allows for the aromas to come through real nicely. Plus it's just great looking on a table with coffee on it. 

- Handground Hand grinder - we backed this hand grinder when it was on Kickstarter and they delivered on everything they promised. Consistent, easy to adjust and won't break your hand to grind. 

- Coffee Beans - any bag we offer, just let us know which one you want in the notes. Always freshly roasted.