Aeropress Bundle

This is the bundle we made for the traveler, designed for quality coffee in as small as space as possible:

- An aeropress+ filters. Can take the abuse of travel while being small. 

- Rhino Compact Hand Grinder. Fits inside the Aeropress. Comes apart easy and is small for fitting in the corners of your backpack. 

- Brewista's Smart Scale II. Small, sturdy and rechargeable. 

- The Demitasse Stainless Steel Tumbler - Honestly, this guy is great for travel. The stainless steel components make it great for keeping your drinks hot or cold depending on where you are traveling, but it makes it pretty resilient as you toss your bag around. Try that with something dainty and glass. The best part, though, is that the whole thing is leak-proof, so you can throw it in your pack without worrying about getting a latte over all the souvenirs you just bought.

- Coffee beans - your choice, just let us know in the notes which bag of coffee you want. Always freshly roasted.