August 06, 2018

Hello world! 

I finally caved and started a blog. I'll be using this to pontificate about all things coffee and cafe related, including thoughts on what we're doing and why. 

We're set to not only launch a new website, but also a whole new approach (for us) to espresso. For the past 5 years or so, we've had one espresso and a revolving door of single origin espressos available for the random customer who wanted it. 

We ask a lot of our espressos. They need to be sweet with a nice balance of acidity and mouthfeel. They need to taste great on their own but somehow also be strong enough to hold up to 12oz (or more) of milk, sugar and various syrups. That's a tall order and I'm honestly not sure I've ever had an espresso anywhere that was capable of doing all of these things amazingly well. It's always been a tricky balance and by balancing, the espresso is never optimized to do anything exceptionally well. 

With this in mind, we've decided to split our espresso into two blends - the Milky Way and the Trufala. One blend will be optimized for heavier milk and sugar drinks. The other for small milk drinks and to stand alone as a sweet and bright espresso. The Trufala blend will also be a new take on single origin espressos. Rather than just one coffee, we'll be blending two or more coffees from the same country of origin to give it some depth and complexity. 

We're hoping that having two blends will allow all our drinks to be a little bit better and tastier. Let us know your thoughts when you've had them! 

Over and out,