October 06, 2022

Hello to the 5 of You Who Read This Random Blog!

It's been a while since we've had a waste elimination update. Part of that was the pandemic forced us to roll back a lot of what we had done, so we've spent the last year bringing things like our chopsticks back into the fold. We have a couple really interesting waste elimination initiatives in the pipeline, but we wanted to update the world on our latest and greatest find - the Precise Brew reusable filters. These are made using some crazy recyclable polymer out in Greece. When we first read about this, we immediately emailed them asking for samples.

The hype is real.

These brew incredibly well, as good if not better than any paper filter we've ever used. They're easy to clean. They dry easily. They are made for just about every brewer on earth.

After being super impressed on pour-overs, we reached out and had them custom make a bunch for our batch brewer and they finally got here.

So between the reusable filters on this and on our siphons, our cafe is 100% paper filter free. And we couldn't be prouder. One more step towards eliminating all single use waste.

Some of you are asking - wait, didn't you have reusable metal filters? Yes, yes we did. And they all broke. And the welder who made it...disappeared. These should hold up a lot better and the coffee comes out a lot cleaner so in a weird way this was a happy accident.