February 05, 2019

Hello everyone...er....all 3 of you who read this. 

At the start of the year, we pledged to try and eliminate one piece of waste with something reusable in and around our cafes each month this year. 

I'm please to report that thus far, January was a success. We got rid of the single-use, disposable, plastic cups customers were using for drinking water in our cafe with obnoxiously colored, reusable plastic cups:

I'm pleased to report that no one has stolen them the way they did our really cool metal cups and are being used at all 3 of our cafes. 

This month we're going to tackle those wooden stir sticks. We noticed that almost no one took the stir stick with them, even when they took their drink to go. Most folks just stirred and threw the stick out. Not only is this wasteful, but I suspect that the wood imparts a taste to the coffee. 

So we're replacing those with metal chopsticks. We've been running a test of this at our Santa Monica cafe and I'm pleased to report that so far, so good. We'll roll this out at the other cafes by the end of the month and see how that goes:


Assuming that goes well, things start to get a little tricky for us, but we have some larger, more substantive ideas in the pipeline that we're very excited about, so stay tuned! If you have any ideas for us, we're all ears. We'd love to find some reusable batch-brew filters. I haven't seen anything anywhere, but we'd be interested. 

Over and out,