March 05, 2019

Hello to the void that is blogging on the internet! 

I'm pleased to report that switching from wooden stir-sticks to metal chopsticks has not resulted in mass defections to Starbucks. In fact, the feedback has been great and I'm happy to report that the switch has been made at all three shops. Bonus points too as no one finds them cool enough to steal, so winning all around. 

Next up is perhaps our most ambitious step yet - we're going to get rid of the single-use, 5-lbs bags in which we deliver coffee from our roastery to our cafes. It's honestly very surprising that no one has come up with a solution for something that is a massive waste. We deliver something like 150 bags a week to our cafes alone that are just tossed as soon as they open them and pour the coffee out. The best we were able to find were glorified reusable sandwich bags that barely hold 4 lbs in BPA-free plastic. We've done a few deliveries in them already and they seem robust enough to survive a lot of uses, so we're going to dive in. Hopefully someone comes up with a better product that's geared towards coffee, but these are good enough for now, so keep an eye out for them behind our bar by the end of the month. 

Once we've made the switch internally, we'll offer this to any of our wholesale partners to whom we regularly deliver locally (yes, we do wholesale! Interested? Shoot us an email!) 

Hopefully others will follow us down this path. We're tiny compared to some of the bigger players that I see deliver in large bags to their own cafes and they could really make an impact if they switched over as well. This one seems so obvious I don't know why it hasn't been solved yet, but here we go! 

Thanks for reading, 



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