April 03, 2020

Hello Random People Reading this Random Blog:

Today we demo-ed the hottest thing on TikTok regarding coffee...or so I'm told, as I don't have TikTok. At our last demo someone requested we do "the Korean coffee thing" and this is it! If you google Dalgona coffee, it's apparently all over the place, so rather than rehashing what everyone else is doing, I thought we'd put a Demi spin on it. 

This is beyond easy to make - equal parts hot water, instant coffee and sugar (if you want instant coffee that doesn't taste like burnt grass, try ours!). Then whip it to death. A standing mixer or a hand mixer with a whisk attachment is the best way to do this. And you can't whip it enough. I realized the best way to do this is to drop everything into the standing mixer, turn it up slowly until I'm at full blast and then just leave it running for a few minutes. Then spoon it over your milk of choice! 

Before I give you our spin on this, here are some don'ts...as in don't make the mistakes I made this week trying this:

- don't mix this with chocolate. I'm not a chemist, but something in chocolate prevented this from thickening. 

- white sugar seems to work best. But I did this with honey powder and demerara...and it was good, but not as thick.

- if you're using a standing mixer or a big bowl, make sure you use enough of everything so that the whisk can get air into it. A few times I didn't use enough and nothing happened until I added more volume to the mix. 


Demi Dalgona 1:

- Same set-up. But I added a splash of cinnamon and cardamom into the mix. The aromatics there are amazing. Once I put it on top of milk, I shaved some pecans on top of it for flavor and texture. 

Demi Dalgona 2:

- I used 2 tablespoons of honey powder, instant coffee and hot water. I also added 1 tablespoon of hojicha powder (roasted matcha...you can use regular matcha here, too. Amazon sells both.) 

- This needs a long whipping time, and don't be sad if you can't get it quite as frothy. But you should be able to get it to a pudding-like consistency. 

- Spoon this on top of coconut milk. Then shave some lime peel on top for some brightness. You'll be instantly transported to a tropical beach in Thailand. 


P.S. Bonus points for anyone who uses dalgona to make this: https://www.latimes.com/recipe/dalgona-tiramisu