May 11, 2020

Hello Everyone Reading Some Rando Coffee Blog in these Crazy Historic Times,

This week we had a second special guest on our IG Live Brewin' with Bobby and Minka show. Can we call it a show? I'm going to call it a show. Why not. It's 2020. 

Anyhow, we had on Grace Cheng, founder of Mylk Labs who make (in our opinion) the best oatmeal around. In all the years we've been serving coffee, this is the only oatmeal we've ever carried. 

Why? I'll tell you! 

1. They're a local small business like us and we love supporting other local small businesses. 

2. They use top-notch ingredients. Like us. 

3. Everything is beyond tasty without being too sweet. The same approach we take to coffee drinks. Flavor, not sugar. 

Longtime fans of Demi will remember way back when, we used to have an oatmeal latte which was essentially a shot of espresso and steamed milk into some instant oatmeal with a splash of date syrup. For this week's Quarantine Drinks, we decided to partner with them and come up with two different ways of making this at home. We even put together a coffee and oatmeal bundle for you. 

1. Overnight Oats:

Take a cup of oatmeal, your choice at to the flavor

Add 5oz of milk to it, stir, and put it in your fridge. Any milk works. 

(I went with whole milk and the blueberry oatmeal.)

While that's steeping overnight, make yourself some date syrup. The instructions can be found here.

The next morning, pull the oatmeal out, add 1-2oz of date syrup to this and then 1-2oz of hot, freshly brewed coffee. (I suggest a slightly stronger brew. Normally we'd use 15g to 200g on an Aeropress, but for this I'd take that up 20g.)

This should be closer to soup than oatmeal when you're done. You should be able to drink this but find it annoying to use a spoon. Remember, we're making a latte, not a cup of oatmeal. 


2. Hot Oat(meal) Latte:

Grab your oatmeal. Heat up 5 to 6oz of milk in a saucepan or microwave. 

Add that to your oatmeal and cover it. Let it steep for a few minutes. 

While you're doing that, pull a shot of Aeropress espresso. 

Lift the lid and add the "espresso."

Then make some coconut whip cream to top this off. There are two ways to do this:

The hard way is to take cans of coconut cream, leave them in the fridge overnight and then scrape out just the solid, thick part that's sitting on top of the coconut water, add that to a stand-up mixer and beat it into a whipped cream. 


Buy a can of this, chill it and then throw that into a stand-up mixer or hand mix it until it turns into a whipped cream. 

Boom. Oatmeal Latte with whipped cream. Enjoy. 

As always, drop us a line if you make it. We love seeing this stuff put to use. Makes us warm and fuzzy inside. 

Over and out,


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