July 29, 2019

Hello black void of the internet, 

Today we "officially" launched our build-a-brew kit site. This is something that's been near and dear to my heart for a while and we've been slowly building it up. 

The idea was one of necessity as a small business owner with a website that really didn't do anything other than direct people to our cafes. 

I don't blame people. If you want a brewer or a grinder, you go to Amazon. Or you come into our shop and buy it in person. So the question for us, as always, was how can we make something that creates value for customers in a way that's kind of fun, kind of different and something we haven't seen elsewhere? I realized it was frustrating that to get a decent brew kit together for home users, I either had to go to a thousand sites to get what I wanted or I had to fork over even more cash to the behemoth that is Amazon. 

So we did two things - 1. we put everything we loved and would buy and use in our homes and cafes onto one site, and then organized it so you to custom-make your own kit; and 2. we decided to give you a 2% discount for each item you add to make it more fun and to give Amazon the finger. Buy 6 things, get 12% off. 

So have some fun custom-designing your kit. Save yourself some money. And help support a small business while sticking it to the man. What else could you ask for in an online transaction? No, seriously, please let us know. We're going to keep adding stuff, so if there's something you think we ought to have on the site, let us know. 

Over and out,